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Environmental protection air conditioning features and cooling principles

降温原理 Environmental protection air conditioning characteristics and cooling principles

Environmental air conditioning features:

1. Low investment and operating costs: No matter the initial investment or the later operating costs, it is more economical than traditional air conditioners, and the power consumption is only 10% -15% of traditional compressor air conditioners .

Second, the air quality is good: The outdoor air is cooled by evaporation to form clean cold air, which is continuously input into the room through the air duct and at the same time, the hot air is exhausted through the doors and windows that are open to keep the room fresh, cool, and comfortable.

如南方地区 ) ,一般能达 5 -8 ℃的降温效果;在炎热干燥的地区(如华北、西北地区),降温幅度可达 10 -15 ℃,且降温迅速。 Third, the cooling effect is obvious. In humid regions ( such as the southern region ) , the cooling effect can generally reach 5 -8 ℃; in hot and dry regions (such as North China, Northwest China), the cooling range can reach 10 -15 ℃, And the temperature drops quickly.

Fourth, post cooling Some high-temperature, high-heat places can be fixed-point cooling, which not only saves investment, but also creates a comfortable working environment for employees.

V. Adjusting humidity In dry areas, air humidity can be adjusted to improve comfort. In the textile industry and knitting industry, it can reduce yarn breakage and improve product qualification rate.

6. Conducive to environmental protection and space saving Freon-free, does not produce waste heat, does not occupy indoor space. Applicable places: textile, machinery, ceramics, fine chemicals, metallurgy, glass, hardware, leather industry; electroplating, electronics, shoemaking, printing and dyeing, plastics, clothing, printing, packaging, food and other processing industries; hospitals, waiting rooms, schools, Waiting room, supermarket, laundry room; kitchen, vegetable market, large entertainment center, underground parking lot, station and other public places; greenhouses, flowers, poultry, livestock and other breeding farms;

Note: Reconstruction and installation of existing air-conditioning and blower equipment. For places that require high humidity (such as textiles, planting, etc.), some indoor installations can be used in the design. For places that require low humidity, low temperature, and high cleanliness, please consider in detail whether it is suitable for use.

Environmental air conditioning cooling principle:

The use of evaporative cooling of water has been widely used in our lives. People standing on the beach feel particularly cool. Water is applied to the surface of the skin and feels cool when the wind blows. This is the evaporation process; water absorbs the heat in the air and makes the air The temperature drop, the energy-saving and environmental protection air-conditioning cooling principle is to use a main natural phenomenon, combining high-tech and evaporative refrigeration technology, to develop a combination of refrigeration, environmental protection and energy-saving air conditioners.

型“波纹纤维纸叠合物”。 The energy saving and environmental protection air conditioner core component direct evaporation heat exchanger "multi-layer corrugated fiber laminate" wet curtain is a Swedish patented product, which is a specially processed 5090 type "corrugated fiber paper laminate". 100 倍;质地结实、耐水浸泡而不变型;耐腐蚀,正常使用寿命可超过 5 年,出风口可降低 4-10 ℃的降温效果。 Its characteristics are: good water absorption and ventilation performance, the actual heat exchange area is close to 100 times the surface area ; strong texture, resistant to water immersion without deformation; corrosion resistance, normal service life can exceed 5 years, and the air outlet can be reduced by 4-10 ℃ cooling effect.

, 可外加过滤尘网 , 湿帘经自来水冲刷表面形成水膜,可自行清洁,因而实现洁净与降温。 Type 5090 "multi-layer corrugated fiber laminate" wet curtain has good filtering performance for fine dust in the air, such as outdoor pollution , a filter net can be added . The wet curtain is washed with tap water to form a water film, which can be cleaned by itself Thus achieving cleanliness and cooling.

Number of units:

First, the number of units is calculated based on the number of ventilations, and the number of ventilations determines the average temperature that the entire space can reach after cooling. / 小时(即每 80 秒室内空气被更换一次),则空调的出风口与空气排出室外时的温差一般为 2 ℃。 For example, if the number of air changes in the Internet cafe is designed to be 45 times per hour (that is, the indoor air is replaced every 80 seconds), the temperature difference between the air outlet of the air conditioner and the air when it is discharged outdoors is generally 2 ° C. 37 ℃,湿度 50% ,则空调出风口 28 29 ℃,空气排出室外时 30 31 ℃,室内平均温度为 29 30 ℃。 For example, when the outdoor temperature is 37 ° C and the humidity is 50% , the air outlet of the air conditioner is 28 to 29 ° C, and the air is 30 to 31 ° C when the air is discharged outdoors. The average indoor temperature is 29 to 30 ° C.

次增加到 60 次,设备台数及初投资将增加 50% ,但此时温度可能只低 1 ℃,从性价比而言反而极不划算,再说湿度也越大效果不见得更好。 2. It can be seen that the number of ventilations is not as large as possible. For example, when the number of ventilations is increased from 40 to 60 , the number of equipment and initial investment will increase by 50% , but at this time the temperature may be only 1 lower . It is not very cost-effective, let alone the greater the humidity, the effect may not be better.

3. For tall buildings, it is very wrong to calculate the number of ventilations based on the entire space capacity. Designers should pay special attention to the airflow design of such places to reduce the number of installed units and reduce the initial investment and operating costs of customers. 米高的厂房,设计时送风口一般尽量在 2.5 米以下,空气经水平流动至对面经窗户或排风机排出,原则是冷空气在底层流动以满足人员及设备需要即可,尽量不去拢动车间上层热空气。 For example, for an 8 -meter-high factory building, the air outlet is generally designed to be as low as 2.5 meters or less. The air flows horizontally to the opposite side and is discharged through a window or an exhaust fan. Move the hot air above the workshop. 8 米高厂房按 5 米的高度计算换气次数即可。 At this time, the 8 -meter-high plant can calculate the number of ventilations at a height of 5 meters.

冷空气为原则设计风管及选用机型。 4. For the post air supply method, the number of air changes is generally not considered, and the air duct is designed and selected based on the principle that everyone can get 1000m3 / h of cold air.

型空调如果其风管连接 10 米,可能其风管造价已接近空调本身,此时可考虑多台更小型号空调分隔布置。 Fifth, the choice of models and the number of units should be considered at the same time the initial investment of the virtual owner, can not be connected to the air duct as far as possible not to design the air duct, the air duct not only reduces the air volume, affects the appearance, while greatly increasing the cost, choose one If the air duct of the type air conditioner is connected to 10 meters, the cost of the air duct may be close to the air conditioner itself. At this time, multiple smaller models of air conditioners may be considered for separation.

Design and selection:

In order to achieve comfort, the design of water evaporation environmental protection air conditioners is extremely critical. In fact, many failure cases of various air conditioning brands are due to design selection errors. The following points should be paid special attention to:

I. Model Selection

1. In general factories, customers choose external environmental air-conditioning, water curtain wall plus negative pressure exhaust mode, Puzé window type or indoor hanging type. The design and installation can achieve the desired effect. Customers are most concerned about the price and Beautiful, after-sale maintenance. Customers can weigh the advantages and disadvantages of these three forms and compare and choose. If customers pay more attention to the aesthetics of the external wall, installation and maintenance, they often recommend the use of Puze window type or indoor hanging type will be very satisfied with the general customers.

2. Entering the business place, at this time, it involves the beauty of the external wall, the impact of noise on the surroundings, the inconvenience of climbing the external wall installation and future regular maintenance. Urban management, planning, and environmental protection departments have restrictions on such places, so they should generally be used. Puze's indoor hanging models, there are always a variety of specifications to suit customers.

3. For some outdoor sentry boxes, open spaces, small shops, etc., if the activity space is large, mobile environmental protection air conditioning can also be used, but generally it is recommended to use hanging models to supply air obliquely, because this does not occupy any area of use, Supply air coverage is also much larger.

4. From the perspective of installation and maintenance, it is also very advantageous to choose an indoor hanging type, as simple and safe as installing a water heater, and the installation cost is extremely low. This is comparable to non-water curtain walls and external environmental air conditioners. In the case of running water and infrequent water outages, it is strongly recommended that after the installation of the Puze hanging model, a program-controlled direct supply and straight-line takeover method is used, which basically guarantees zero faults and maintenance in the future, and Dirty water circulates and is very healthy.

Wind blowing feeling:

The sense of wind blowing is an extremely important point in the design of environmentally friendly air conditioners. Because environmentally friendly air conditioners have limited cooling radiance in the south, and increase humidity. /50% 时,室内可能 31 /85% ,此时若没有风吹感,人会觉得很闷。 For example, when the outdoor temperature is 37 / 50% , the indoor temperature may be 31 / 85% . If there is no wind feeling at this time, people will feel very stuffy. And if you let the wind feel in every place in the room, it is completely okay to achieve basic comfort. 32 ℃左右时是不开空调的,而仅靠风扇就能满足基本舒适度。 Everyone knows that there are many people and families who do not turn on the air conditioner at about 32 ℃, and only the fan can meet the basic comfort.

1. Electric shutters. 0.8 4m/s 之间。 The air outlet of the air conditioner with electric swing shutters is the most commonly used and most effective method for each manufacturer. The swing air supply makes each post feel intermittent wind blowing, so that a single air conditioner can bear a larger area. Of course, the blower must not be too large or not. Too small, too big to affect the product or production, too small and not comfortable, generally should be between 0.8 to 4m / s .

2. Electric fan. The customer or the dealer had a misunderstanding that the air conditioner and the fan were incomprehensible. 27 ℃的环境与一个 30 ℃有风扇的环境其舒适度相当。 In fact, environmentally friendly air-conditioning and electric fans are an excellent choice. A 27 ℃ environment has the same comfort level as a 30 environment with a fan. Moreover, there are always some posts in the room that are in the dead corner of the air supply of environmental protection air conditioning. If you increase the number of ducts or fans to supply air at this time, the initial investment will be greatly increased. The earth strengthens the effect of environmental protection air conditioning.

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