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The importance and necessity of central air conditioning cleaning:

In modern society, high-rise buildings such as office buildings, restaurants, hotels and commercial buildings widely use air-conditioning and ventilation systems, especially central air-conditioning heating and cooling. Its convenience and comfort are generally welcomed by some people. Some people also describe central air-conditioning as the " lung of modern buildings ". " . 也会成为细菌孳生的温床。 However, in recent years, with the improvement of people's quality of life and the media's reports of injuries caused by the use of air-conditioning (such as air-conditioning diseases), more and more people have begun to realize that the " lung " of buildings will also become a breeding ground for bacteria. hotbed.

According to reports, central air conditioning cleaning includes cleaning of the main unit, water circulation system and ventilation ducts. In many large buildings in China, the cleaning of the main engine and water circulation system has been included in the budget for timely cleaning and disinfection. However, the central air-conditioning ventilation ducts are scattered throughout the entire building and are criss-crossed, making cleaning extremely difficult, which has not yet attracted enough attention. 亿美元,有些物业管理部门还遭到投诉和要求赔偿。 According to statistics from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, heating and ventilation equipment and air conditioning systems are the main factors that contribute to chemical pollution in bacteria in the building disease syndrome. The United States annually uses medical expenses to treat building diseases, staff absenteeism, reduced production, and reduced profits. The losses caused exceeded $ 100 billion, and some property management departments were also complained and demanded for compensation. At present, many foreign countries have stipulated that building ventilation and air-conditioning systems are often cleaned and inspected inside the air-conditioning system according to different applications. Based on the inspection results, it is determined whether the building ventilation and air-conditioning system needs cleaning.

The central air-conditioning system dominates the air metabolism of modern buildings and is the veritable core organ of the building, the " lung " . 42%--53% ,通风系统内主要污染物为颗粒物和微生物。 The results of investigations by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Danish Technical University in the United States and Europe show that due to long-term operation and improper cleaning of air-conditioning ventilation systems, 42%-53% of indoor air pollution comes from air-conditioning ventilation systems. The main pollutants are particulate matter and microorganisms. Using a microscope to analyze the dust samples collected from the central air-conditioning ventilation system, it is found that its main components are dust and gravel, carbon substances, crystals, fibers, coatings, materials that corrode the inner wall of the falling duct, etc. The bodies were mixed in. Once bacteria, fungi, yeast and other microorganisms are attached to the dust, it can easily cause people to suffer from allergies or respiratory diseases. The ventilation system of the central air conditioner is a hygienic dead corner accumulated over a long period of time, and its area is much larger than the unit area that we can usually clean. , 建筑物空调通风系统所造成的人体健康危害和疾病可达几十种。 The long-term unavailability of clean air ducts provides a stable environment for harmful substances. They will continue to breed and spread throughout the room with ducts extending in all directions, causing secondary air pollution inside the air conditioner. There are dozens of human health hazards and diseases. According to the degree of harm to the human body, the nature of the disease, and the pathogen that causes the disease, it can be roughly divided into three categories:

SARS ); Acute infectious diseases (eg Legionnaires' Disease, SARS );

Allergic diseases (including allergic pneumonia, humidifier fever, etc.);

◎ " Sick Building Syndrome " ;

军团病( Legionellosis , 在北美、欧洲、亚洲和非洲许多国家(包括中国)发生过,死亡率 5% 30% Among them, " Legionellosis " has occurred in many countries in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa (including China), with a mortality rate of 5% to 30%.

非典型性肺炎 ) 与中央空调通风系统 SARS ( Atypical Pneumonia ) and Central Air Conditioning Ventilation System

年春季爆发的 SARS 病毒对人类健康造成了严重威胁,医学专家认为战胜 SARS 是一个长期的过程。 The SARS virus that broke out in the spring of 2003 poses a serious threat to human health. Medical experts believe that the fight against SARS is a long-term process. SARS 病毒非常小,约为 40 100nm ,它要依靠空气中的可悬浮颗粒作为传播载体,因此四通八达的中央空调风管系统中积累的大量灰尘杂质成为了人们的健康隐患。 Because the SARS virus is very small, about 40-100nm , it relies on suspended particles in the air as a carrier of transmission, so a large amount of dust and impurities accumulated in the central air-conditioning duct system extending in all directions has become a hidden danger to people's health.

例病例的集体爆发显示出 SARS 传播具有很强的空气传播因素,而加强通风系统清洁是预防疾病的重要措施。 In Hong Kong, the collective outbreak of 321 cases in Tao Da Garden showed that SARS transmission has a strong airborne factor, and strengthening the ventilation system is an important measure to prevent disease. Authorities such as the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Construction, and the Ministry of Science and Technology have attached great importance to this and issued regulations to guide the ventilation system cleaning.

空调保养中清洗是最重要的一环,但许多写字楼都会忽略这一点。空调及时地维护和清洗,有利于提高制冷效果、缩短降温时间,还能延长使用寿命。 " Cleaning is the most important part of air-conditioning maintenance, but many office buildings ignore this. Timely maintenance and cleaning of air-conditioners is conducive to improving the cooling effect, shortening the cooling time, and extending the service life.

3 次。 Air conditioning cleaning includes three parts, first is the air conditioning shell and the exposed part; second is the filter cleaning, which is the most important part; finally, the condenser and evaporator are the most suitable for the central air conditioning of the building that is always in working condition. The practice is to wash it 2-3 times a year.

At present, the central air-conditioning of most office buildings adopts the method of solving problems when there is a problem. Very few of them are actually cleaned regularly every year. 元,十多个人要清洗一栋 20 多层的大楼至少要花 1 个多月时间。 Another reason for the lack of cleaning of the central air conditioner is the high cost. The cleaning of the air duct system is difficult. According to the expanded area of the air duct, the cost per square meter is about 30 yuan. More than ten people need to clean at least a 20 -storey building. It will take more than 1 month. Air conditioning is too dirty, hidden health risks

Infrequently cleaned air conditioners are a health killer and can cause skin diseases and respiratory diseases. If the filters and pipes of the air conditioner are not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to accumulate dust and easily breed a large number of mites.

3 1 日,卫生部正式实施的《公共场所集中空调通风系统卫生管理办法》明确规定,集中空调通风系统开放式冷却塔每年清洗不少于一次;空气过滤网、过滤器和净化器等每六个月检查或更换一次;空气处理机组、表冷器、加热(湿)器、冷凝水盘等每年清洗一次。 On March 1 , 2006, the "Administrative Measures for Sanitary Management of Central Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems in Public Places" officially implemented by the Ministry of Health clearly stipulated that the open cooling towers of centralized air conditioning and ventilation systems should be cleaned no less than once a year; air filters, filters and purifiers Check or replace once every six months; clean the air handling unit, surface cooler, heater (humidifier), condensate tray, etc. once a year. b -溶血性链球菌等致病微生物,公共场所经营者应立即对集中空调通风系统进行清洗和消毒,待检测合格后才能运行。 Once pathogenic microorganisms such as Legionella pneumophila and b -hemolytic streptococci are detected , the operator of the public place should immediately clean and disinfect the centralized air-conditioning ventilation system, and only operate after the test is qualified.

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