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Construction and management of anemic rooms

The use and management of anemic room construction requires:

Requirements for clean rooms
1 . 4 2 左右,高 2.2 2.3 米,内部装修应平整、光滑,无凹凸不平或棱角等,四壁及屋顶应用不透水之材质,便于擦洗及杀菌 The studio should be short and flat, with an area of only about 4m2 and a height of 2.2-2.3m . The interior decoration should be flat and smooth, without unevenness or edges, etc. Watertight materials should be used on the four walls and roof to facilitate scrubbing and sterilization
2 . The indoor lighting area is large, and the indoor conditions should be visible from the outside.
3 In order to ensure the cleanliness of the sterile room, a buffer corridor needs to be set around the sterile room, and a buffer room is set up next to the corridor, which can be smaller than the sterile room.
4 . 1 米为宜 ,其电源开关均应设在室外。 Aseptic rooms, buffer corridors and buffer rooms are equipped with fluorescent lamps and UV lamps for sterilizing air. The sterilizing UV lamps are preferably 1 meter away from the workbench , and their power switches should be located outdoors.
5 . Sliding doors should be provided at the entrance and exit of the sterile room and the buffer room. The door should be flush with the window, and the door gap should be tightly closed.
6 . Use and management of clean rooms
) 无菌室应保持清洁整齐,室内仅存放必须的检验用具如酒精灯、酒精棉、火柴、镊子、接种针、接种环、玻璃铅笔等。 ( 1 ) The sterile room should be kept clean and tidy. Only necessary inspection equipment such as alcohol lamps, alcohol cotton, matches, tweezers, inoculation needles, inoculation rings, glass pencils, etc. should be stored in the room. 不要放与检测无关的物品 & Do not put items unrelated to the test
) 室内检验用具及凳桌等保持固定位置,不随便移动。 ( 2 ) Keep indoor inspection appliances, stools, tables, etc. in a fixed position and not move casually.
) 每 2 3 周用 2% 石炭酸水溶液擦拭工作台、门、窗、桌、椅及地面,然后用 3% 石炭酸水溶液喷雾消毒空气,最后紫外灯杀菌半小时 ( 3 ) Every 2 to 3 weeks, wipe the table, door, window, table, chair and floor with 2% phenol solution , and then disinfect the air with 3% phenol solution, and finally sterilize with UV light for half an hour.
) 定期检查室内空气无菌状况,细菌数应控制在 10 个以下,发现不符合要求时,应立即彻底消毒灭菌。 ( 4 ) Regularly check the sterility of the indoor air. The number of bacteria should be controlled to less than 10 , and when it is found that it does not meet the requirements, it should be thoroughly disinfected immediately. 无菌室无菌程度的测定方法:取普通肉汤琼脂平板、改良马丁培养基平板各 3 个(平板直径均 9 厘米),置无菌室各工作位置上,开盖曝露半小时,然后倒置进行培养,测细菌总数应置 37 温箱培养 48 小时;测霉菌数则应置 27 温箱培养 5 天。 / Determination method of sterility in the sterile room: take 3 ordinary broth agar plates and 3 modified Martin medium plates (plates are 9 cm in diameter), place them in each working position in the sterile room, open the cover and expose for half an hour, Cultivate by inverting. The total number of bacteria should be cultured in a 37 incubator for 48 hours. The number of molds should be cultured in a 27 incubator for 5 days. ` 霉菌总数均不得超过 10 个为 。 The total number of bacteria and mold must not exceed 10 .
) 无菌室杀菌前,应将所有物品置于操作之部位(待检物例外),然后打开紫外灯杀菌 30 分钟,时间一到,关闭紫外灯待用 ( 5 ) Before sterilizing the sterile room, place all items on the operating area (except for the test object), and then turn on the UV lamp for 30 minutes. When the time is up, turn off the UV lamp for use.
) 进入无菌室前,必须于缓冲间更换消毒过的工作服、工作帽及工作鞋。 ( 6 ) Before entering the sterile room, the sterilized work clothes, work caps and work shoes must be replaced in the buffer room.
) 操作应严格按照无菌操作规定进行,操作中少说话,不喧哗,以保持环境的无菌状态。 ( 7 ) The operation should be carried out in strict accordance with the provisions of aseptic operation. During the operation, speak less and make no noise to keep the environment aseptic.
Equipment and places for sterilization and disinfection. Equipment and places for microbial inspection must be sterilized or disinfected. Different objects use different treatment methods.
1 . : 工作服、口罩、稀释液等,置高压杀菌锅内,一般采用 121 灭菌半小时 , 当然不同的培养基有不同的要求 , 应分别处理 High-pressure steam sterilization : work clothes, masks, diluents, etc. are placed in a high-pressure sterilizer, generally sterilized at 121 ℃ for half an hour , of course, different culture media have different requirements , should be treated separately
2 . Flame sterilization: Inoculation needles, loops, etc. can be directly flame sterilized
3 160 灭菌 2 小时 High-temperature drying and sterilization: Various glassware, syringes, straws, etc., placed in a dry box at 160 ℃ for 2 hours
4 . : 无菌室内的凳、工作台、试管架、天平、待检物容器或包装均无法进行灭菌,必须用其他方法进行消毒处理,采用 2% 石炭酸或来苏儿水溶液擦拭消毒,工作人员的手也用此法进行消毒 General disinfection : The stools, workbenches, test tube racks, balances, test containers or packages in the sterile room cannot be sterilized. Other methods must be used for disinfection. Wipe and disinfect with 2% carbolic acid or lysin solution. People's hands are also disinfected in this way
5 . 30 60 分钟 即可。 Air disinfection: Turn on the UV lamp and irradiate for 30-60 minutes.
Preparations for operation
1 . 30 60 分钟 Sterilize the sterile room space first, turn on the UV lamp for 30-60 minutes
2 . Relevant equipment for inspection must be sterilized separately before moving into the sterile room
3 Operators must wash and disinfect their hands and wear sterile work clothes, caps and shoes to enter the sterile room
4 . Sterilize the hand again after entering the sterile room before performing the inspection

Precautions during operation
1 . The action should be light, not too fast, so as not to stir the air to increase pollution; glassware should also be handled gently to avoid damage to the environment
2 . Operation should be performed near the flame area.
3 Inoculation rings, inoculation needles and other metal equipment need to be burned before and after use. When burning, first pass the inner flame to dry the residue and then burn and sterilize
4 . When using a straw, do not directly suck or blow the straw with your mouth. Instead, use an ear wash ball.
5 . It is not easy to open the lid when observing the plate. If you want to take the colony for inspection, you must operate near the flame area. The lid of the dish cannot be opened wide, but the upper and lower lids are properly slit.
6 . When staining suspicious pathogen smears, use a clamp to hold the slides. Do not directly take the slides with your hands to avoid contamination. The used slides should also be soaked and disinfected in disinfectant and then washed.
7 . Finish the work, pack up the samples and equipment on the workbench, and finally wipe the workbench with disinfectant


Code for construction of permanent antistatic and static conductive PVC floor

PVC )地面 1. Static polyvinyl chloride ( PVC ) floor
一般规定 1.1 General provisions
防静电聚氯乙烯( PVC )地面施工内容包括基层处理、接地系统安装、胶水配制、防静电聚氯乙烯( PVC )贴面板(以下简称)贴面板的铺贴与清洗施工、测试及质量检验。 1.1.1 The construction content of anti-static polyvinyl chloride ( PVC ) ground includes basic treatment, grounding system installation, glue preparation, anti-static polyvinyl chloride ( PVC ) veneer (hereinafter referred to as) paving and cleaning construction, testing and Quality inspection.
施工现场温度应 10-35 间;相对温度不得大于 80% ;通风应良好。 1.1.2 The construction site temperature should be between 10-35 ; the relative temperature should not be greater than 80% ; the ventilation should be good. The construction of other indoor projects should be basically completed.
材料、设备与工具 1.2 Materials, equipment and tools
施工用材料应符合以下要求: 1.2.1 Construction materials should meet the following requirements:
贴面板:物理性能及外观尺寸应符合《防静电贴面板通用规范》 SJ/T11236 的要求,并具有永久防静电性能。 1 veneer: physical properties and appearance dimensions should meet the requirements of the "General Specification for Anti-static veneer" SJ / T11236 , and have permanent anti-static performance. 1.0 × 106 Ω , 静电耗散型面板的电阻值就应在为 1.0 × 106-1.0 × 109 Ω Its volume and surface resistance: The resistance value of the static conductive panel should be less than 1.0 × 106 Ω , and the resistance value of the static dissipative panel should be 1.0 × 106-1.0 × 109 Ω .
3 × 106N/M2 2 conductive adhesive: it should be water-insoluble adhesive, the resistance value should be less than the resistance value of the veneer, and the bonding strength should be greater than 3 × 106N / M2
3 plastic welding rod: should use uniform color, consistent outer diameter, good flexibility.
0.05mm ,宽宜为 20mm 4 Copper foil for conductive ground mesh: the thickness should be not less than 0.05mm , and the width should be 20mm .
贴面板应储存在通风干燥的仓库中 , 远离酸、碱及其它腐蚀性物质。 1.2.2 The veneer should be stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse , away from acids, alkalis and other corrosive substances. It should be loaded and unloaded lightly during transportation. Strong impact is strictly prohibited. Do not put it in the sun or rain.
常用施工设备(含工具)应包括开槽机、塑料焊枪、橡胶榔头、割刀、直尺、刷子、打蜡机等,其规格、性能和技术指标应符合施工工艺要求。 1.2.3 Commonly used construction equipment (including tools) shall include slotting machines, plastic welding torches, rubber hammers, cutters, rulers, brushes, waxing machines, etc. The specifications, performance and technical indicators shall meet the requirements of the construction process.
施工准备 1.3 Construction preparation
熟悉设计施工图并勘察施工现场。 1.3.1 Familiar with the design and construction drawings and survey the construction site.
制定施工方案,绘制防静电地面接地系统图、接地端子图和地网布置图。 1.3.2 Develop a construction plan, draw an antistatic ground grounding system diagram, ground terminal diagram, and ground network layout diagram.
根据施工工艺要求备齐各种施工材料、设备、工具,并摆放整齐。 1.3.3 Prepare various construction materials, equipment and tools according to the requirements of the construction process and arrange them neatly.
地面面积大于 140m2 , 在正式施工前应做示范性铺设。 1.3.4 When the ground area is greater than 140m2 , a demonstration laying should be done before the formal construction.
施工场地应符合如下要求: 1.3.5 The construction site shall meet the following requirements:
基层地面为水泥地面或水磨石地面时: 1 When the ground floor is a cement floor or a terrazzo floor:
)地面应清洁,应将地面上的油漆、粘合剂等残余物清理干净。 1 ) The ground should be clean, and the paint, adhesive and other residues on the ground should be cleaned up.
)地面应平整,用 2 米直尺检查,间隙应小于 2mm 2 ) The ground should be flat, check with a 2m ruler, and the gap should be less than 2mm . If there is unevenness or cracks, it must be repaired.
)地面应干燥,若为底层地面应先作防水处理。 3 ) The ground should be dry. If it is a ground floor, it should be waterproofed first.
)面层应坚硬不起砂,砂浆强度应不低于 75 号。 4 ) The surface layer should be hard and not sandy, and the strength of the mortar should not be lower than 75 .
2. When the base floor is a floor (wooden floor, tile, plastic, etc.), the original floor should be removed and the residual adhesive on the floor should be completely removed.
3. The construction site should be equipped with artificial lighting devices.
确定接地端子位置:面积在 100m2 以内,接地端子应不少于 1 个;面积每增加 100m2, 应增设接地端子 1-2 个。 1.3.6 Determine the location of the grounding terminal: the area is less than 100m2 , and the grounding terminal should not be less than one; for every 100m2 of area, one or two grounding terminals should be added .
施工前应彻底清扫基层地面,地面不得留有浮渣、尘土等脏物。 1.3.7 The ground floor should be thoroughly cleaned before construction, and no dirt such as dross, dust, etc. should be left on the ground.
施工 1.4 Construction
划定基准线,应视房间几何形状合理确定。 1.4.1 Demarcation of the baseline should be reasonably determined based on the geometry of the room.
应按地网布置图铺设导电铜箔网格。 1.4.2 The conductive copper foil grid shall be laid according to the ground network layout plan. The vertical and horizontal intersections of the copper foil should be at the center of the veneer. The copper foil should be laid straight, without curling or interruption. The copper foil strip connected to the ground terminal should have sufficient length.
配置导电胶:将炭黑和胶水应按 1 100 重量比配置,并搅拌均匀。 1.4.3 Configuring conductive adhesive: Carbon black and glue should be configured at a weight ratio of 1 : 100 , and stir well.
刷胶:应分别在地面、已铺贴的导电铜箔上面,涂覆应均匀、全面,涂覆后自然晾干。 1.4.4 Brushing: It should be on the ground and the conductive copper foil that has been pasted. The coating should be uniform and comprehensive, and it should be dried naturally after coating.
铺贴贴面板 : 待涂有脱水的地面晾干至不粘手时 , 应产即开始铺贴 . 铺贴时应将贴面板的两直角边对准基准线 , 铺贴应迅速快捷 . 板与板之间应留有 1-2mm 缝隙 , 缝隙宽度应保持基本一致 . 用橡胶锤均匀敲打板面 , 边铺贴边检查 , 确保粘贴牢固 . 地面边缘处应用非标准贴面板铺贴补齐 , 非标准贴面板由标准贴面板用割刀切割而成。 1.4.5 Paving and pasting panels : When the dewatered floor is dried to the point where it is not sticky, it should be laid immediately after production . When laying, the two right-angled edges of the board should be aligned with the reference line . There should be a 1-2mm gap between the board and the gap width should be kept basically the same . Use a rubber hammer to evenly beat the board surface , and check it to ensure that it is firmly adhered . Use non-standard overlay boards at the edge of the floor Qi , the non-standard veneer is cut from the standard veneer with a cutter.
当铺贴到接地端子处时,应先将连接接地端子的铜箔条引出,用锡焊或压接的方法与接地端子牢固连结。 1.4.6 When laying on the ground terminal, the copper foil strip connecting the ground terminal should be led out first, and the ground terminal should be firmly connected by soldering or crimping. Continue to paste the panel.
整个房间铺贴完毕后,应沿贴面板接缝处用开槽机开焊接槽。 1.4.7 After paving the entire room, a welding slot shall be opened with a slotting machine along the seam of the veneer panel. 3 ± 0.2mm 为宜。 The slot line should be straight and even, and the slot width is 3 ± 0.2mm .
应用塑料焊枪在焊接槽处进行热塑焊接,使板与板连成一体。 1.4.8 Use a plastic welding gun to perform thermoplastic welding at the welding slot, so that the board is integrated with the board. Welding excess should be leveled with a sharp knife, but the surface of the panel should not be scratched.
接地系统施工应包括涂导电胶层 , 导电铜箔地网、接地铜箔、接地端子、接地引下线、接地体等内容。 1.4.9 The construction of the grounding system shall include the application of conductive adhesive layer , conductive copper foil ground network, grounding copper foil, grounding terminal, grounding down conductor, grounding body and so on. Except for the provisions of this chapter, the rest shall comply with the provisions of this code.
铺贴作业完成后,将地面清洁干净,并应涂覆防静电蜡保护。 1.4.10 After the paving operation is completed, the floor should be cleaned and should be protected with anti-static wax.

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